GUILDLINE’S NEW 6640T SERIES OF TEMPERATURE BRIDGES are redesigned to provide better uncertainties, faster measurement rates and more operational capability.


  • Best Accuracy: ± 0.015 ppm with 1 mA of Current!
  • Linearity: < ± 0.01 ppm of Full Scale!
  • Patented Toroid Design Specifically for Temperature Measurement Applications!
  • Measurement Rates Fast as 2 Seconds!
  • Built-in Windows 10 Computer and Touch Screen Display Providing Complete Measurement Results and Graphs!
  • System Control via USB, Network, or IEEE!
  • Widest Available Resistance Range up to 100 kΩ!
  • Full Pre-Heat and Individual Channel and Current Control with Model 3210!
  • Modular Design, Expandable Capabilities!
  • Complete Investment Protection!
  • Full 10.5 Digits (0.1 ppb) Display Resolution!
  • Change All Key Parameters “On-the-Fly” While the Measurement is Running!
  • Wide Range of Ratios: 0.1:1 ~ 13.4:1!
  • Available USB Ports for Data Collection and/or Ancillary Items Such as Hard Drives, Mouse, Keyboard, etc!
  • BridgeWorksTM Data Acquisition Software!
  • Unique Calibration Support Strategy!
  • Complete Measurement Systems Available!