Guildline Instruments NEW 7223CT-2S Series of Precision AC Current Transformers provides very accurate AC current measurements at high current and for high voltages. The 7223CT-2S is part of the 7223CT Series which are Commercially Available High Precision, Low and High Voltage, AC Current Instruments Capable of Measurement Accuracy <5 part-per-million (ppm) – Accuracies No Other Manufacturer Provides!


  • High Precision AC Current Measurements!
  • Fixed Permanent Accuracy!
  • Measurement Accuracy <5 ppm at Power Frequencies for Both Ratio and Phase Angle!
  • Stability Measurement < 5 ppm!
  • High Voltage Isolated Measurement Capability When Used with a Suitable Insulating Bushing!
  • High Accuracy with Burdens up to 1 Ω!
  • 7223CT-2S Provides 1000:1 Transformation Ratio!
  • 7223CT-2S/HV Provides 2000:1 Transformation Ratio!