Guildline Instruments 7220 Asynchronous Power Analyzer is the latest in a 3 phase AC Power Measurement Laboratory Standard designed for the most demanding power measurement applications today. Innovative, patented sensing technology provides unprecedented current, voltage, power, and phase angle measurement accuracy and uncertainty.


  • 3-Phase Plus Neutral Measurements! 
  • Input Current Ranges 5 Arms and 125 Arms!
  • Input Voltages up to 1250 Vpk
  • Able to Measure Any Signal Including Non-Sinusoidal and Quasi-Stationary!
  • Ideal for Noisy/Green Energy Sources!
  • Class 0.005 (≤ 50 ppm) Power for 3/10 Second Aggregation!
  • Measures Single Wave Power @ ≤100 ppm!
  • Phase Angle Accuracy < 10 micro-radians for 3/10 Second Aggregation!
  • Data Simultaneously Converted Into Eight Digital Channels!
  • Measurements Calculated from Incoming Data Streams and Presented in Real Time on Period-by-Period basis!
  • Built-In Data Logging and Oscilloscope Functions!
  • High Resolution Display with Touch Front Panel!