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PRESS RELEASE - Announcing 17025 Accreditation for Resistance Bridges and Range Extenders

Guildline Instruments is pleased to announce the addition of 17025 Accreditation for Direct Current Comparator (DCC) Resistance Bridge Ratios and Range Extenders. In addition to the Ratio and Extender Accreditation, other scope expansions include; low to ultra-low resistance standards, enhanced power levels to 1000 Adc for High Power Resistance calibrations, and reduced uncertainties throughout the entire resistance, voltage and low DC current ranges.

Richard Timmons, President of Guildline Instruments, stated “Guildline is unique as a non-government organization with respect to the accredited ohmic range (1 µΩ to 10 PΩ) and associated low uncertainties. The new scope for Resistance Bridge Ratio ranges fully covers Resistance Bridge Ratios from 0.1:1, 1:1, 10:1 and even 100:1, thus supporting Guildline’s widely fielded 6622A Bridge Series with the best uncertainties available. For Current Range Extenders, the Accreditation Scope will also support the calibration of Guildline’s 6623A Series which provides precision DC currents from 3 Adc all the way to our market leading 10,000 Adc model.”

Additionally, the ability to calibrate DC Shunts at higher power levels was also approved. Guildline has increased the current levels from 300 Adc to 1000 Adc, a level only very few commercial organizations can provide, and none at the uncertainties offered by Guildline.


From November 20th - 30th, 2018, Guildline will be attending the Asia Pacific Metrology Programme General Assembly in the exciting city of Singapore. Along with exhibiting at this esteemed conference, Guildline is pleased to be participating in workshops.

APMP 2018 will be host to tutorials and training about new and developing technology, as well as important conversations about the redefinition of the International System of Units (SI). In its 34th year, the Asia Pacific Metrology Programme will again connect experts in the field of Metrology and provide a forum for specialized and professional dialogue.

As a world leader in Metrology, Guildline is looking forward to being a part of APMP 2018.

More information is available at


Guildline Instruments is pleased to announce their GOLD sponsorship of TEMPMEKO 2019 in Chengdu, China. From June 10th -14th, 2019, Guildline will be partnering and exhibiting at this important international symposium.

Since 1981, TEMPMEKO has been bringing together the best experts and manufacturers in the field of thermometry and thermal measurements. TEMPMEKO 2019, in collaboration with TEMPBEIJING 2019 and MMC 2019, promises to once again deliver exciting scientific discussions while delighting attendees with the rich, cultural experience of southwest China.

Guildline is proud to bring their expertise in Metrology to this conference and is looking forward to participating as a GOLD sponsor at TEMPMEKO 2019.

Please visit the official TempMeko 2019 website for more details - 

PRESS RELEASE - Trescal Prefered Supplier for Guildline Instruments

GUILDLINE the world-leader in designing and manufacturing precise standards and instruments for electrical measurements, have chosen Trescal, the worldwide specialist in calibration services as Preferred Supplier in Europe and Africa.

This agreement recognizes Trescal’s expertise in metrology and maintenance.

Trescal will perform calibration and repair services on Guildline instruments in compliance with procedures drawn up by GUILDLINE, accreditation rules and international standards.

Guildline's NEW 7520 Precision Automated Voltage Divider

Guildline’s New 7520 Voltage Divider Provides the Latest in NEW PATENTED Technology and Innovation – Achieving Industry Leading Sub-ppm Measurements with Built-in Self-Alignment (i.e. Self-Calibration)!

Guildline's NEW 6535 Automated High Resistance Measurement System

GUILDLINE Instruments 6535 High Resistance Measurement System consists of Guildline’s new 6530 TeraOhm Bridge-Meter, our new 6564 High Resistance Scanner and Temperature Stabilized 6636 High Resistance Standards. The System comes complete with Guildline’s TeraCal™ Software providing full automation.

Guildline’s NEW 5600 Series High Precision Variable Temperature Fluid Baths

Easy to Use, High Stability Fluid Baths with Precision Temperature Control. Guildline Instruments 5600 Baths are precision fluid/oil baths providing uniform temperature over a -5°C to 55°C range. These Fluid Baths are designed for both metrology and oceanography and are used with oil, water, salt water, or other liquids.

Guildline’s NEW 6640 Advanced Measurement Series of Temperature Bridges

World’s Most Advanced and Best Performing Temperature Bridges. GUILDLINE’S NEW 6640T SERIES OF TEMPERATURE BRIDGES are redesigned to provide better uncertainties, faster measurement rates and more operational capability. The large touch screen with rich color graphics is the most visible feature on the 6640T Series. The 6640T Series is much more than the addition of a touch screen interface centered on the same old technology used for the last 25 years. This latest Temperature Bridge incorporates the most advanced design and best operational features, some of which are patent protected.