Guildline Instruments 9340-4T Series of precision RTD Simulators and DC Resistance Standards are a complete family of easy to use low to ultra-low, 4 Wire resistance standards offering the best combination of accuracy and resistance range that is commercially available.  


  • Resistance Ranges include Decades from 1 µΩ to 10 k
  • True RTD Simulation with High Decade Resolution
  • Excellent for milli-Ohm and micro-Ohm Applications and Instruments
  • True 4-Wire Terminal Design
  • Accuracy Better than  ± 0.01 %
  • Temperature Coefficient Less than 5 ppm/°C
  • Switch and Wiring Resistance Effects of the Four Terminal Arrangement are Less than 10 µΩ
  • Direct Reading of Resistance Value at the 4 Terminals
  • Long Life Rotary Switches with Solid Silver Contacts
  • An Overlap ‘10’ Position for Fine-Tuning
  • No Other Decade Standard on the Market Today with these Uncertainties and Low Ohmic Range