Guildline Instruments - Current Transformers

Guildline's 6624CT-3000 DC High Current Transformer provides very accurate DC current measurements up to 3000 Amperes. The direct current transformer is designed with an open window to pass a single cable, set of cables, or buss bar that carry the direct current to be measured. The 6624CT-3000 High Current DC Current Transformer produces an output current that varies directly with the input current in three ranges.

Guildline Instruments NEW 7223CT-2S Series of Precision AC Current Transformers provides very accurate AC current measurements at high current and for high voltages. The 7223CT-2S is part of the 7223CT Series which are Commercially Available High Precision, Low and High Voltage, AC Current Instruments Capable of Measurement Accuracy <5 part-per-million (ppm) – Accuracies No Other Manufacturer Provides!