Guildline Instruments 5600 SERIES is the latest in high precision fluid/oil baths providing uniform fluid temperature over a range from -5 °C to 55 °C. This Series of Fluid Baths is designed for both metrology and oceanographic applications and can be used with oil, water, salt water, or other liquids.


  • NEW Guildline Design and Metrology Based Features!
  • Full Automation Via Windows 10 Laptop Computer (USB, IEEE)!
  • Excellent Temperature Stability Low As:
    ±0.0015 K with Oil!
    ±0.001 K with Water!
  • Fluid Temperature Range -5 °C to 55 °C!
  • Designed for use with Oil, Salt Water, Water, and other Fluids!
  • Customer Choice of 4 Tank Sizes: 50 L, 75 L, 100 L and Now - NEW 300 L Model!
  • Fiberglass Tank with Proprietary EMI Shielding!
  • Convenient Access with Removable Tank Cover!
  • Excellent Control via a PRT Sensor!
  • 2nd Probe Included to Report Actual Temperature Anywhere in the Bath!
  • Automatic and Programmable Over and Under Temperature Protection!