GUILDLINE INSTRUMENTS 7520 PRECISION AUTOMATED VOLTAGE DIVIDER is the latest innovation in DC Voltage Dividers. The 7520 is a unique patent pending voltage divider containing a Zener based voltage source, temperature stabilized voltage divider network, and a new optical null detector.


  • Automated Self-Alignment (i.e. Self-Calibration) Incorporated Into the Divider (Patent Pending)!
  • NO External Standards Required for Self-Alignment!
  • Built-in Voltage Reference and Built-in Null Detector!
  • Advanced Internal Temperature Control Chamber for Resistive Divider Networks!
  • Sub-ppm Ratio Uncertainties!
  • Provides for Wide Range of Ratios: 1:1, 1:10, 1:100, 1:1000 and Reverse!
  • Fully Automated Operation With SCPI Command Set!
  • Automates Calibration of Voltage References!
  • Calibrates Sources Including Calibrators!
  • Calibrates Voltage Measurements including DMMs!
  • Color Screen Touch Menu Operation!
  • Ethernet / IEEE-488.2 and USB Ports!
  • Replaces Divider Technology such as the Fluke 752A and Old Measurements International (MI) 8000B and 8100B!