Guildline Instruments 6625A is the only true modular Resistance and Current Measurement System providing users with unique industry leading features and capabilities.


  • Complete Turn-Key System – Fully Integrated, Wired, Tested and Ready-to-Use
  • Widest Available Resistance Range from 1 μΩ ~1 GΩ with Internal Voltages to 1 kVdc
  • Precision Current Sources / Range Extension from 3 A to 10,000 A with Built-In Precision Current Source and Electronic Switching
  • Wide Range of Ratios: 0.1:1 ~ 100:1, and Up to 2,000,000:1 and More with Range Extension
  • Full 10.5 Digits (0.1 ppb) Display Resolution
  • Resolution: ± 0.1 ppb of Full Scale
  • Unique Measurement Results and Trending Display
  • Includes Manual and Automated Operation
  • Modular Design, Expandable Capabilities, Investment Protection
  • Change Key parameters “On-the-Fly” While Measurements are Running in Manual and Automated Modes
  • Internal Temperature Bridge Option Available 
  • BridgeWorksTM Data Acquisition Software
  • Unique Calibration Support Strategy